Onward Youth 2021


  • Session 1
    7:00pm – 8:00pm

    7:00pm: Welcome
    7:15pm: Talk #1 | Lord, how long shall I cry for help? | Habakkuk 1 & 2 with Dave Miers
    7:30pm: Instructional talk | How does God want us to express our sorrow and grief? With Kit Barker
    7:50pm: Interview | Enduring pain with God with Lily Strachan

  • Break
    8:00pm – 8:15pm
  • Session 2
    8:15pm – 9:15pm

    8:15pm: Welcome back
    8:25pm: Talk #2 | Yet I will rejoice in the Lord | Habakkuk 3 with Dave Miers
    8:46pm: Interview | How do we continue to have joy in the midst of our suffering? With Greg Coles
    9:00pm: Q&A session with Dave Miers and Lily Strachan

    Plus worship with Whitefield and other exciting plans for the night!

    *Onward Youth program is subject to change.

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