Following Jesus is not a solo journey, nor is it filled with neat and easy answers.

Following Jesus is a long journey together with his community, the Church.
At ONWARD we have engaged with big topics like Love, Justice, Freedom and Hope, but we know that you might still have questions, doubts and difficulties. They will take time, because growing in faith takes time, but we do pray that we’ve begun the journey to see how the God we follow is both Good and True. 

So, what now? Back to distractions, temptations, questions and hard times, how can you continue to be encouraged by the God’s Truth and Goodness?

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Onward Devotions 

Spend time engaging with God.

ONWARD has prepared a 5 part devotional for you to do over the holidays. Each devotion will:

begin with a bible reading, 

ask you some questions to prompt reflection; and

finish with a short encouragement

Maybe commit to doing it with your friends and share your observations together, on Discord or a walk in the park.


Gather with your group to discuss your experience and reflections from ONWARD ’23. 

The questions and thoughts raised tonight, or beliefs and trust that has occurred in your hearts – write them down. Meet with your group to do an AFTERWARD. We have prepared an AFTERWARD blueprint with readings, questions, activities and quotes for you to use to guide discussion and continue to dig deeper into God’s Truth and Goodness.