Meet our speakers for Onward 2023

Dave Jensen

Keynote Speaker

Dave Jensen works as a pastor at EV Church on the Central Coast of NSW. Prior to working in ministry, he was in the Australian Army for the best part of a decade which is where someone told him the truth about Jesus, and he became a Christian. Dave is married to Sammy, and they have 4 young sons. He loves telling people about Jesus, El Jannah BBQ chicken and the Sydney Roosters.

Alan Au

Keynote Speaker

Alan has been leading Captivate Presbyterian Church in North Ryde for the last 6 years. He’s married to Beatrice and they have three crazy kids. He dabbles in baking and Brazilian ju jitsu. He thinks that cheese Twisties are the bomb and chicken Twisties are an abomination.

Alan spent most of his high school years wondering whether God’s love for him is true and has spent the rest of his life working out how to live out God’s love. Alan is stoked to be able to share with you all at Onward 2023.