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Watch Onward Youth / On-Demand / Until 2 August 2020

We're Bringing
Onward Online!

Yes, that’s right! KCC will bring you a live interactive program, questions and answer time from our Onward Youth speaker Sam Chan. Join other youth for a night of praising God, listening to what He has to say and wrestling with tough questions about your faith on your screen, anywhere.

What to Expect


Here’s a glimpse of what you will be tuning in to for the night:

  • Feature-length talks by Sam Chan
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Unique discussions with familiar youth groups
  • Hear worship from Whitefield
  • Follow-up activities to help your youth group to move onward in this changing world

ON -DEMAND Ticket Options


One individual viewer, single ticket. 

Your registration include:

  • Fillable talk outlines
  • Event program booklet
  • A unique link to access the event
  • Exclusive book reviews and special book discount offer
  • BONUS! Access to a 5-day devotional on the theme after the event

Small Group Host

You are hosting a group virtually, at your home or church. 

Your registration include:

  • Fillable talk outlines
  • Event program booklet
  • A unique link to access the event
  • Exclusive book reviews and special book discount offer
  • Friendly discussion points and resources for your group
  • BONUS! Access to a 5-day devotional on the theme after the event
$ 15
For each viewer
in your group

How It Works



Register yourself or your group

Email Link

Receive an email from us with a link within 48 hours of the event

Stream Live

Stream us live from wherever you are on the 26 June 2020 from 6:30pm

Got Questions?


  • Individual: If you are not part of a youth group and plan on watching by yourself , the individual ticket is best for you. (I.e. if there are three people watching, you would purchase 3x individual tickets.)
  • Small Group Host: If you are purchasing tickets for your youth group, you will need to purchase a host ticket for yourself and any other youth leaders, plus individual tickets for the rest of your group. (I.e., if you have 2 youth leaders and 20 youth members, you would purchase 2x host tickets and 20x individual tickets)

Due to the digital format of Onward Youth, all tickets are non-refundable.  Please note that we cannot be responsible for any difficulties accessing the event due to your connection or other device issues.
We appreciate your understanding regarding the necessity of these policies.  As a small, non-profit organisation with limited cash flow, we make plans and incur expenses based on the number of people we expect to attend our events.  When these numbers change due to cancellations, our plans, budgets and ministry ability are all impacted.

Click here to view our full livestream FAQs Fact Sheet.

Once you have bought your ticket to the event, you should receive a confirmation email with a receipt for your payment.  Please check your spam or junk folders should you not receive this, or contact us at  We will then email you details on how to access the livestream event and other important updates for the day.

Who's Speaking at Onward Youth?

Meet Our Speaker

Sam Chan

Sam Chan is an “urban missionary” for City Bible Forum. He was the nerd in high school – short, bowl haircut, top class for maths, but bottom team for rugby – the mighty 13Fs! But in high school, the chaplain got him to read large chunks of the Bible, and that’s when Sam realised that Jesus was perfect so that we don’t have to be perfect. Which is just as well. Because Sam is hopeless at dancing, taking out the rubbish, and karaoke.

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Anglican Aid longs to see the grace of God overflowing to a world in need. We transform communities by building relationships between Australian Christians and the local church overseas.

Situated at universities across NSW, we are student accommodation providers committed to the formation of young people through the Christian ethos, community, safety, and pastoral care.

Onward Youth is a ministry of Katoomba Christian Convention. We are an interdenominational, not-for-profit Bible-preaching convention ministry. Our passion is to see our nation transformed by Jesus Christ through the powerful preaching of the Bible. Get the app for access to free convention talks and more