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God never changes,
but culture does.


God doesn’t call Christians
to retreat from the world;
He calls us to live in it,
as His people.


what exactly does that look like,
in real life?
Answering that question
is what Onward is all about.



We would like to advise that Sam Chan will sadly no longer be able to speak at Onward this weekend due to personal circumstances.  We are still planning a fantastic program, and are pleased to announce that we'll have both Peter Williams and Dan Paterson speaking on Friday night for our High Schoolers program.


peter williams

Peter will be speaking at the High Schoolers & Young Adults/Adults event.

Peter is the Principal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK. Tyndale House is a study centre focusing on advancing understanding of the Bible. 

He also is a lecturer in Hebrew language at the University of Cambridge. He earned his M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. at Cambridge University studying ancient languages related to the Bible.  Prior to leading Tyndale House, Peter was a Senior Lecturer in New Testament at the University of Aberdeen.

Peter is a gifted speaker and has spoken at churches, universities, high schools, conferences, and seminars/workshops across the US and the world on Biblical subjects including Bible translation, apologetics, and how to understand the Scriptures.

Sample talk: Why Doesn't Everybody Believe?


Martyn will be speaking at the Young Adults/Adults event.

Martyn Iles was appointed Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby in February 2018. He was formerly the founding Director of the Human Rights Law Alliance, and prior to this role worked as Chief of Staff for the Australian Christian Lobby.

Martyn worked in a top-tier commercial law firm before moving to ACL, and previously has established a successful business supplying networking and data solutions, edited a magazine, and operated a church youth ministry with disadvantaged teenagers for six years.

Martyn studied his Bachelor of Laws at the University of Queensland, graduating with honours, and studies a Master of Laws at the Australian National University.

In terms of interests outside of the law, Martyn speaks around Australia at various school events including camps and continues to be a guest leader for several student Bible study groups at school campuses and boarding houses. He is deeply concerned about equipping the church and young people with scriptural foundations for life in our changing culture.

Dan PAterson

Dan will be speaking at the High Schoolers event.

Dan completed a Bachelor and Masters degree in ministry and theology in Australia as well as a one-year course at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Dan has preached all over the world, trains Christians and speaks regularly to audiences on the popular objections to the Christian faith. 

michael raMSDEN

Michael will be speaking at the Young Adults/Adults event.

Michael is the International Director for RZIM and is also joint Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

Michael grew up in the Middle East and later moved to England where he worked for the Lord Chancellor’s department investing funds. While doing research in law and economics he taught moral philosophy and lectured for the International Seminar for Jurisprudence and Human Rights. Michael has lectured in various settings including the White House and has in the past addressed leaders at NATO HQ and Members of the European Parliament.

Michael is world renowned speaker and is involved in several initiatives to equip and train emerging leaders and evangelists throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Sample talk: Is Belief in Jesus Irrational?



Fri 29 June | 6.30PM - 9.30PM


Program Outline

'Can we trust the Gospels?' | Peter Williams

Peter is recognized as one of the foremost Old and New Testament language scholars in the world. For centuries skeptics have attempted to destroy Christianity by attacking the reliability of the Gospels thus reinventing Jesus. How do we answer these attacks and build up our faith? Hear Peter build a strong case for the reliability of the Gospels!

Q&A Session

'Atheism, Science, God: One of these doesn't belong' | Dan Paterson

Science has given us mobile phones, microwave ovens, and medicines. Religion has given us bigots, wars, and violence. Can you be a scientist and a Christian at the same time? 

Q&A Session


Sat 30 June | 5.00PM - 9.45PM


Program Outline


(Program will include a 45-minute dinner break. Nearby food outlets can be found here.)

'The Secular State: The Ideal and the Present Reality' | Martyn Iles

How is freedom of religion meant to work in a ‘secular state’ and how is it actually working now in Australia?  What changes are happening across our country and what is their impact on religious freedom?

'The Modern Myth of Freedom' | Peter Williams

Freedom is defined today as the casting off of any and every constraint on self-determination.  But can this give us a society where human beings flourish?  What is the Bible’s definition of human ‘freedom’ and can it help us?

'Victim Culture' | Michael Ramsden

One of today’s cultural ‘shifts' has been towards a culture of global grievance:  people readily see themselves as victims, verbal opposition is easily labelled 'hate speech’ and respectful debate is rapidly vanishing.  What are the key factors driving this, and how does the Christian worldview of justice, forgiveness and reconciliation provide an answer?

'Holiness: The Art of Being Different in the World' | Peter Williams

Our basic challenge as Christians is that God never changes, yet our culture does.  God doesn’t want us retreating from culture, yet He does not want us blending in and disappearing within it either.  So what is the foundational pattern for a life that honours God in an ever-changing culture?

Q&A Session












$69 ($49)

* We encourage youth groups to attend, along with their leaders. As it is an under-18 event, every group must have at least one person who is over the age of 18 who will be supervising the group. Please note that for this reason also, we are unable to permit registrations of only adults, or only youth.

The $49 ticket price is the concession price. Proof will be required on entry.


  • Registration cancellations must be sent in writing to the KCC Office and will attract a $10 per person fee (up to a maximum of $50 per transaction).

  • Registration cancellations received after 1 June 2018, are non-refundable in part or in full.

  • If you have any questions, please call the KCC Office on 1300 737 140 or email



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