A one-night event for high schoolers

What is
Onward Youth?

Onward Youth is a one-night event that helps high schoolers make sense of the culture and world around them with a gospel-lens, and equips them to stand firm for their faith.

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Friday Evening
24 June 2022

The Concourse,
409 Victoria Ave,
Chatswood NSW 2067

2022 Theme

Doesn't Christianity
crush diversity?

Sometimes Christianity is seen as restricting or harmful by favouring some types of people and excluding others. What about women?  What about the LGBTQ community? What about people who are vulnerable? This is such an important topic to get right, and one we can’t ignore.
More than a Conference…

Onward Deep Dive

We know that tackling tricky topics takes more than a one-night event and a selection of speakers. Wading through cultural topics sometimes takes time, slowness, and deep thinking.

We want youths and youth groups to engage, equip and be empowered to be Christians well beyond the conference event. That is why Onward Youth has an online component called Onward Deep Dive.





Onward Youth Highlights


Latest updates from our blog.

Onward Youth Conference helps kids (and parents) navigate tough questions.

I’m hitting the parenting danger zone. My eldest son is nearly 12. He’s started youth group and goes to a Christian school. But he’s meeting more people, accessing more information online and watching the news. He is moving outside of our ‘safe bubble’ and being hit square in the face with issues that he needs to understand and form an opinion about.

Strangers in a Strange World

You’re excited. You’ve spent the whole week working on this costume for this party. It’s going to be so sik. You ring the door bell, imagining the faces of your friends when they see you in the gear. The door opens and you’re greeted with shock, which turns embarrassingly into a snort and a snigger.

It wasn’t a costume party, and you’re the only one dressed up.

Sticking out like a sore thumb.

Being a Christian can feel like being the odd one out in your friendship circles.

Ministry Partners.

Thanks to our
2022 Ministry Partners


With a heritage spanning 160 years, Anglicare is a Christian organisation with a mission to serve people in need, enrich lives and share the love of Jesus.


Situated at universities across NSW, we are student accommodation providers committed to the formation of young people through the Christian ethos, community, safety, and pastoral care.

The Bridge is a Bible-centred, missions-focussed gap year for 18 to 21 year olds. It's a year to reflect and explore life, to have adventure and fun!

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