7 Things to Look Forward to at Onward Youth Next Week

With only 7 sleeps until Onward Youth conference, now is the time to gather your youth group and to register together! With our panel of local and international speakers addressing a range of hot topics, we believe that Onward will greatly benefit youth who are working out how to best live out their faith in 2021.
Onward 20 Livestream—Behind the Scenes with MC’s, Hayley & Sam

Here are 7 things that youth can look forward to at Onward Youth this year: 

1. Powerful Bible teaching by Dave Miers 

Dave Miers (City On A Hill, Brisbane) will join us to preach from the book of Habakkuk. Dave’s talks will not only help teens in their personal walk with God, they will also walk away equipped to help others who are wrestling with questions about faith and God in hard times. You can get a taste of Dave’s preaching here.

Meet Onward 21 Speaker: Dave Miers from kcc on Vimeo.

2. Informative talk on Grief and Suffering by Kit Barker

Kit Barker (OT Lecturer, Sydney Missionary & Bible College) will give a short  instructional talk that answers the question of how God wants His people to  express their sorrow and grief. Learn more about Kit here.

3. Interview on Faith and Mental Health with Lily Strachan

Lily Strachan (Chaplain, Robert Menzies College) will be interviewed on the topic of suffering, mental illness and the stigma associated with it. Lily is no stranger to mental illness, having been diagnosed with depression in 2003 and bipolar in 2008. She believes that Christians are not exempt from suffering and will share where hope can be found amid mental illness. Learn more about Lily here.

4. Interview on Faith, Isolation and Sexuality with Greg Coles

Greg Coles (Author, ‘Single, Gay, Christian’) will talk about his experiences with sexuality, isolation, and how to find joy in suffering. He will share his experience of his sexuality, and how even though faithfulness to Jesus means singleness and at times deep loss, he continues to seek to find joy. Learn more about Greg here.

​5. Worship with Whitefield 

We are so excited to welcome Sydney-based worship band, Whitefield to Onward Youth this year! You can get a taste of their music on Spotify.

Photo: Whitefield Music

6. Fantastic Fellowship

Onward is a fantastic opportunity to gather with your youth group and to wrestle with hot topics and tough questions together! Why not make it a special night with food, decorations or even a dress theme?  

As always, we anticipate hundreds of youth groups gathered around God’s word in living rooms and church halls—we can’t wait to see your happy snaps and group shots!  

7. Exclusive access to Onward DEEP DIVE

How can we equip the next generation to see and experience suffering as Christians? Onward DEEP DIVE is a new and exclusive resource for Onward ticket holders. Designed for teens, it includes three weeks’ worth of Bible talks, discussion questions and resources on the topic of suffering as it relates to isolation, sexuality and mental health. Learn more here.

Young Baptist Youth Group dressed up for Onward 20 in Star Wars theme!

Don’t Miss Out! Register Today!  ​

In 2021, we’re excited to bring you Onward Youth as an online livestream—and it will be bigger and better than last year! Tickets are $29 per livestream viewer and includes:

  • Full access to Onward Youth LIVE
  • Digital Onward Youth Program Booklet
  • INSTANT access to our DEEP DIVE resource which includes 3 weeks of youth group Bible talks, discussions questions, resources, interviews, Q&A with Onward speakers and more!

For tickets or more information, visit our website: www.onwardevent.com

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